Online Legacies

It utilized to be that your only option for leaving behind a legacy was picking a grave marker, hoping for an obituary and leaving it as much as your family and pals to keep in mind you through photos, stories, and other remembrances. Today the Web has triggered a host of digital remembrance services that you can use.

Here are three tips you can use if you are thinking about using such a service or want to leave a digital tradition of any kind.
Tip 1: Choose how you want to be remembered.

A digital tradition service permits your good friends and family a way to gain access to details about you at any time. You can choose to include household photographs, videos, letters, and other info about your life.
Tip 2: Do not rely only on one medium.

Digital remembrance services might be growing in popularity, but there is no guarantee the services will be around permanently. Even if you choose to tape-record family videos on a DVD or hard disk drive, you ought to constantly use a backup storage system in case the technology ends up being antiquated or simply breaks. If you have household photos on a disk drive, for example, you can print out paper copies and leave them in a safe place.
Tip 3: Leave instructions.

Once you develop a digital tradition it is necessary to leave guidelines to your administrator or your household members so somebody will understand how to access this info after you pass away. You should include this information as part of a larger digital estate plan that your attorney can help you create.

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